Northwest Opera Presents - NAUGHTY MARIETTA - March 22, 23, & 24, 2019


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Victor Herbert's operetta NAUGHTY MARIETTA is set in New Orleans in 1780. The story follows Captain Richard Warrington, who is commissioned to capture the mysterious French pirate who calls himself Bras Piqué, and how a beautiful runaway who calls herself Naughty Marietta, complicates this task.  Familiar songs include:  "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life,"  "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," "Italian Street Song."


-Captain Richard Warrington, an American known as Captain Dick

-Lieutenant-Governor Grandet

-Etienne Grandet, a son of the Lieutenant-Governor

-Sir Harry Blake, an Irish adventurer

-Silas Slick, Captain Dick's servant

-Rudolfo, keeper of Marionette Theatre

-Florenze, secretary to Lieutenant Governor

-Marietta d'Altena

-Lizette, a Casquette Girl

-Adah, a Quadroon Slave

-Fanchon, Nanette, Felice

-Night Watchman, Pirate, Indian, East. Indian, Knife Grinder, Quadroon Belles, 

 Spanish Girls, French Girls, Captain Dick's followers, Italians...